Spring Violation Review

Spring Violation Review

Below is a list of common problems our Property Management company will be reviewing this Spring. We are sharing this with the community so that homeowners may get ahead of potential violations.

If you are in the process of fixing any of these, be sure to either notify the Property Management company or put in an architectural request if appropriate to avoid violation notices.

  1. Flower and plant beds
    • Should be weed free and have proper mulching
  2. Large bare areas in lawns that require seeding
  3. External home repairs
    • Siding or trim requiring painting
    • Chimney caps needing repair
    • Broken windows requiring replacement
  4. Houses with wood rot or animal intrusion holes in the siding or trim
  5. Gutter maintenance
    • Missing, damaged, or requiring cleaning
  6. Fences
    • Leaning over
    • Broken or missing slats
  7. Debris left in the yard

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